When I found out I was having twin girls, we had to do some quick thinking to create a bedroom that would comfortably fit two children in a single, small space!


It was all about curves! Sharp corners in a small space is instantly uncomfortable, whereas soft curves work to calm the mind the moment you enter. Especially when you need to fit quite a bit in a small space.


Here's how we did it: 

  • A soft colour scheme (wall colour is Dulux Sandy Day) coupled with symmetry worked together to create a calming space

  • We chose to buy the Leander cots as I thought they converted into the nicest looking junior beds in the market - and the curved edges again helped to fit more in!

  • I also designed a circular floor-rug - which my wonderful mother crocheted for me. It's lasted seven years for us now and is still going strong! If you want one - send me an email via our contact page!

Tip: White looks like a silly idea, but this rug is easy to throw in the wash - and you can always bleach it if you need to.


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