Selling Houses: Jindabyne

The moment we saw this little former school house in the NSW Snowy Mountains town of Jindabyne, I could see throught the clutter to the beauty beneath.

The setting, the style and the size of the home all pointed to an opportunity to create a cosy mountain getaway, a home that hugs you the moment you walk in and put down your bag.

The owner, Steve, is an award winning sculptor, and although his work is amazing, the house was lost under the weight of his own art, and prospective buyers just couldn't see past to the cosy cottage beneath.

Art is all about curation, so our first move was to sift through everything Steve had, and choose a few of the most beautiful pieces, so I could retain some of the character of the artist, while revealing the true character of the home.

"When it comes to turning shabby into country chic, success depends on careful floor planning, rethinking colour schemes and adding some natural fabric touches."

Wendy Moore

A complete transformation of a rustic mountain cabin, into a cosy getaway. Using dark, moody colour, rustic timber finishes and unique artistic flair, this home now embodies the dream of a romantic mountain hideaway.

The entry was formerly a space without purpose, but creating a simple DIY boot rack, turned this space into an incredibly practical 'Snow Room'. Separated from the main living space to keep all the cosy air inside.


A simple design, the racks are great for holding boots, jackets, and of course - skis!