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Embrace the era!

It was easy to write this late 60s home off as a demo-job - but the reality is that in the current market, potential buyers are more attracted to homes that are perfectly liveable, giving them the flexibility to live in the home for as long as they need, until either the building supply market settles down, or they have saved enough for their dream home - or both!

Under the dated and dusty face of this home lay a very cool late 60s abode, with some really unique features that just needed a bit of love to make them shine again. The living room was the best place to set the scene for the rest of the home.

The fluted glass feature wall is a beautiful idea for an entry hallway (I might use this concept in a future home to be honest). Replacing the missing panel and painting the trims turned from from dated to seriously cool.

The colour scheme came to me in a moment, rusty reds, muddy mustards and teals in varying depths celebrated the era when this home was at it’s happiest.

A few product details that came together beautifully! Wall colour in Wattyl White, with trims in Iceland Moss Terrace Blue rug from Flooring Xtra

Beautiful Pendant light over the kitchen island!

Temple & Webster Tan Brahm 3-Seater Sofa

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