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House Rules Grand Final: why Wendy loves a curve

Tim & Mat’s curved kitchen island thrilled Wendy in the House Rules warehouse renovation. Here's why.

Nothing says bespoke like a curved edge, and the kitchen island in the Grand Final renovation on House Rules is a testament to the movement towards considered design. Taking influences from the grand old days of Art Deco design, curved finishes are making a huge comeback.

Getting it right can be a challenge however and there’s a lot to consider when designing a curved detail in either cabinetry or masonry when renovating. Here’s the trick to making it work:

  1. Choose one feature piece in the room to ‘own’ the curve

  2. Balance the feature curve with soft edges in other areas of the room

  3. Contrast the curve with a sharp edge - this accentuates the elegance of the line and prevents the room from tipping into space-age bubble style

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