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5 things that made the Montauk entry sing

Wendy takes a walk back through her favourite decorating moments in Season 7 of House Rules.

There’s no question that the home renovations on House Rules move at a cracking pace. What may go unnoticed however is that the basic premise of using rules to executive a design and decorating project is the very key to renovation success.

One of my favourite rooms in Season 7 was the execution of the entrance of the Give Back House for Graeme and Mary. Their house rules to “Style us Montauk modern” Shayn and Carly worked magic in the entry, giving us plenty of inspiration to draw from.

Here’s why the space work so well.

1. Textured wallpaper is a win!

Texture is inviting, we feel more comfortable because it’s literally designed for human interaction. Bringing this feeling to the entry creates a warm welcome.

2. Navy blue brings sophistication

Bringing in such a rich, saturated inky blue is a fabulous way to add instant luxe. Plus, this is a receding colour, so in the minds eye, the walls feel deeper and further away - given that entrances are often cramped, this is a great way to trick the eye.

3. Work practical solutions into the layout

A clear entry makes for a comfortable welcome, the bookshelf doesn’t protrude further than the door jam so the sense of uninterrupted space is a good design trick for a small space.

A resting spot at the front door allows you to put down the shackles of your day the moment you walk through the door. This bookshelf is a beautiful choice, with plenty of room for everyone and a lovely space to bring together some favourite things - this is a great way to make a subtle statement about your lifestyle.

4. Include indoor plants

Greenery is the interior must-have that has made a big comeback. The lush green leaves instantly calms the senses - the perfect way to make your home feel like an oasis from the busy world outside.

5. Decorate with the whole space in mind

Balanced colour makes for a relaxing welcome and the artwork on the opposite wall connects perfectly with the textured wallpaper. The simple colour scheme brings the whole space together so it feels like a large room.

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