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The best rooms of House Rules: Scandi style bedroom

Lisa & Andy’s guest bedroom that had a Pippa Middleton moment!

House Rules Season 7 set a new benchmark for interior design and decorating with teams working to House Rules delivered from homeowners with decorating nous and a practical understanding of interior design.

The outcome was teams delivering rooms that were on trend and decorated with style.

In Katie and Alex’s incredible home transformation, it was the guest bedroom that quietly stole the show. House Rules judge Wendy Moore takes a quick look at what worked so beautifully.

1. The simplicity of an original ceiling

It would have been so tempting to pull those old crooked boards out and replace them with a nice (easy to paint) ceiling, but keeping the vertical boards is what gives this room it’s charm. Sometimes it’s more about what you keep, than what you change that makes a room work.

2. The soft colour scheme

Setting the perfect tone for the whole room, the sage green on the built-in bed head was just so beautiful, matched with the mushroom coloured plush carpet and ombré sheer curtains. This is a room that makes you feel at home.

3. The window seat

A window seat is a romantic touch that brings to mind quiet moments curled up with an engrossing book. Creating cabinetry was a truly functional decision, but the choice to use that as a way to frame a window and little nook - that’s good design.

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