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The best rooms of House Rules Season 7: The Grand Final Master Ensuite

Wendy shares design tips and breaks down the elements of this winning room that saw it ultimately take out the Grand Final and deliver House Rules triumph for Pete & Courtney.

A genius floor plan is the foundation of a winning room, and this bathroom had a flying start in that department. Placing the freestanding bath in the middle of the room is an instant style statement, but it didn’t stop there.

Here’s what else Wendy loved about the space:

1. Gloss black above the tile line

Clever use of a glossy black finish high on the walls created a sense of space - the ceiling literally disappeared so the focus was all on the luxury touches.

2. Wallpaper in a bathroom

Bold wallpaper pattern always makes a statement and in a bathroom serves as a decorating feature that is so opulent. Wrapping around the small toilet nook was a clever idea to demarcate the space.

3. Two vanities

Twin vanities are always good in a high-end master ensuite, but the subtle touch of the slightly different marble tiles created a unique identity for each space without detracting from the overall design scheme.

4. A cheeky note

Pete & Courtney's clever addition of the quote, "You look amazing darling" in raised lettering on the mirrored ensuite wall was a subtle stroke of genius. I’m not normally a fan of quotes scattered around a home, but this was a new piece of chic humour that worked perfectly.

5. A generous double shower

This double shower actually feels like two people could comfortably fit in! Besides the beautiful brass fittings, this is the new luxury for a lavish suite.

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